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Someone special who I can share that with

I’m very social and enjoy lots of varied activities, especially learning about new things.
A total foodie I like restaurants (expensive and cheapies) cooking, watching sports (mainly rugby), movies and lively conversation. I have travelled a lot and intend to do more.

I have a varied range of friends and socialise often. However I would love someone to cuddle up to and be with. A bit opinionated and out there I do enjoy a good yak about almost anything that is interesting or new things I know nothing about. Looking for someone with stories and a keen mind to hold my interest. To hang out with and have alone time too. I’m not the jealous type. I’d like to think I’m easy to get along with.

My fears include multilevel car parks, bad spelling, worse grammar, unhappy people and sewing.
I think I’m a low maintenance Chick but then I guess we all do.

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